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Новата ера най-сетне е налице. А вие сте тези, които ще напишете нейната история.
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 Some Thing In My Head

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Some Thing In My Head   Съб 14 Авг - 15:14

незнам точно какво ще ви напиша но ще е на английски ще е супер безмислено най-верояртно просто искам да си прочиста главата от всякакви други работи Smile

And so the story begin. Death and Life both oposite of every thing in this world happyness and sadness destruction and costruction any thing could happen in this life but i have chosen my path path that will lead me some where some day and i don`t really care i am listening to your words following them corectly following you is a great thing becoz your great woman and i really like the way of your thinking and the ripper yeah the ripper the one that walk in my shadow the one who trained me to become heartless you are the one that locked my feelings in the black box hiden it from me making me invernuble for the othere peoples trought's hehe maybe every one will laf when they read it but i don`t really care Death is the one i am following and the Flame Emperror showing me the path to the hell or maybe i'm following the God and the one who is leading me is an angel ??? dosen`t really matter to me i am divined to the power beyond death i'm the one thinking that the death is only the begining of the things that are going to happen and maybe my last life i was a viking or a berserk some time i feel my body exploding from hatered blinding me and othere thing that its in my head Death is the one hidden in the shadows the one who is waiting siting down looking for he's prey to hunt hem down cut hem open on two and destroy he's dream's he's life memorry and future look out he is every where just waiting for the right moment to slash you on two and that's probably all i got to say hehe now the time come's for me to go follow the path path to the wwater pool and get some fun ^_^ see ya boy's and girl's have fun and remeber there is no point crying for the lost love becoz the real love is just a kid's dream the fake love is good realation ship and sex and about the fear from dooing sex probably when you find some one that u really care aboutt and do it with hem/her you will understand the real pleasure of it atleast for me it was that way ciao ciao every one (wave)
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Some Thing In My Head
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