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Новата ера най-сетне е налице. А вие сте тези, които ще напишете нейната история.
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 Some Thing In My Head Part 2

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Some Thing In My Head Part 2   Пон 23 Авг - 23:21

същото както преди нещо ми се върти в главата ....

The Night is closing in the bed is calling for me draging crying and yelling for me rebeling against me the bed want to eat me so i go to hem and give my body and soul to it then the battle begins the demons in my head are rebelling wanting my soul and mind my body and my consciousness but my forces are strong the gate is guarded by a real demon king that's fighting on my side the wall's are hiden deep inside my soul and the real castle is there some where and no one can find it even real myself cannot reach it and when the sun rise again at the sky every one run for theyer life becoz the god blessing is coming i want to run but i cannot i need to face hem and kill hem once and for all he must die he cursed us he is the one that must take resposability for the things that happend to us soon i will go to the mountain and the prophet will give to me this warning if this path is chosen the death will come to every one and the god's will curse me till end of my life and i will say i get by just fine i've known much worse life i've conquered dark times they should fear my mind
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Some Thing In My Head Part 2
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